Вежба на Денот 19 Декември – Понеделник

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Вежба на Денот 19 Декември – Понеделник

10 x Front Squat 70/45
15 x Handstand Push Ups
20 x Toes to Bar

AMRAP 20min
On 3,2,1, GO! Partner A runs 400 meters while partner B. begins as many of the 9’s of Fran (9 thrusters 40kg and 9 pull-ups) as possible before the runner (A.) returns. On completion of the run, partner A tags B and continues with the rounds of 9’s wherever B. left off. For example, A completes the run and tags B at 7 thrusters. A begins on thruster 8, completes the thrusters and pull ups of that round and begins a new round as B heads out for a 400 meter run.

* Partners must tag up between efforts. Score is complete full rounds and reps of 9’s.